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Quality hemp that works!

Inhale. Exhale. Discover.

In all modesty, we are confident in what we're doing. Our teams work closely with health experts and scientists to develop the best products in the market and make them even better. How do we do that? Well, we enhance our products with vitamins and other natural supplements that guarantee effectiveness.

CBD aliejus, CBD guminukai, CBN aliejus

It's all good

Balancing physical and mental wellness can be demanding. We get that. Anxiety, insomnia or just lack of energy – our products will help you to feel better again.

Call us people of science. And nature.


We care about our planet, so whatever we do, we do it with respect and caution. We know the farmers who grow hemp for us very well, so we are assured of its quality. Pure goodness, without pesticides or GMOs.


We conduct our lab testing in Switzerland. There we manufacture, examine and improve our products until we are sure they cannot be any better.


The quintessence of science and nature. The superior product. One we're proud to offer to you.

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Yeah, science! And nature! And friendships!

Why this mushroom? Why that plant? It’s called logic, baby. Every ingredient we use is based on science, so you'd have the best product money can buy. We'd never compromise for a better deal. What you see is what you get (and what we use too).

De-stress & unwind. We're here for you.

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